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Why are you so dissatisfied my Dear?
Are you not confused by what should be and shouldn’t be?
Are they not of your conjurings?
Why do you cling so to them?

Are you not stabbing yourself with a knife you made
And blaming heaven and earth for causing you pain?
Have you not contradicted yourself again and again
Wishing for warmth when cold and wishing for cold when hot?

You have what it takes to be satisfied.
Just stop all these thinking and you are there.
I can fulfil all you desire
But it will be like adding poison to poison.

Wake and see the pain machine you conjured
Believe no more your beliefs
Leave the world and others in peace
And lay the sword of self-righteousness down.

Then maybe you can be content the way things are,
Not because they are pleasant
Not because they are unpleasant
But because there is an absent of such confusion.

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Thubten Kway

Thubten Kway

I don't know what I am, looking like a human, behaving like an animal and think like a lunatic.

Photo by Frans, Germany.

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    I agree, beautiful!

    Thank you very much.

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