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No limit.
– Krishnamurti.

Light is energy, whether it is visible or not; it transfers energy through space. It creates structure and order; it sustains and regulates all living things, from plankton to humans. Light eliminates darkness and ignorance and creates beauty. It is life giving, compassionate, nurturing, uplifting, altruistic healing and prosocial; it benefits all people and global society as a whole for the common good. There is no limit to light’s electromagnetic spectrum, it is continuous energy; it includes gamma rays, X rays, ultraviolet, optical and infrared. They are all light.

Light is subtler than the subtle. It is the invisible essence of every thing and it is the boundless sustaining power of the whole universe upon which all existence rests. Light is the fundamental reality of life itself, a non-dual understanding of the universe, where all apparent differences are actually varying manifestations of the single reality of limitless light in you.

Light is indestructible oneness; it transcends all limit, is indestructible and all-powerful, omnipresent and omnipotent, self-perpetuating and self-regulating. Light has no mass; it is emptiness, nothing can be added to it or subtracted from it. Necessarily, it holds all things as integral, relative, interdependent, valuable and loved including itself. Light expresses the transcendental nature of all phenomena and the abstract intuitive nature of the enlightened mind devoid of all the attributes of phenomena. (Noumena)

Light creates All and Everything and is All and Everything as one organism, complete, perfect and eternal, one thing, formless, timeless and changeless, an edgeless, endless sphere of light; a spontaneous, simultaneous unified field of consciousness that touches all, reveals all and embraces all to the exclusion of none, without condition, demand, choice or cost.

Light is beyond all mortal confines, indivisible, indestructible, whole, perfect and eternal, the microcosm and the macrocosm, formless, changeless infinite and mysterious. Light is the power of all things; it creates, sustains and enlightens all living things. Light loves every living thing equally, eternally, unequivocally and unconditionally. Light leads us to all knowledge, all understanding and all wisdom; it is the universal power, the prime natural law. All Earth’s cultures, religions and individuals agree, light is a power for good.

Look at all the life light has been instrumental in creating in the world. Light gives us hope, shows us what it right; empowering our conscience and voicing its ideas through the voice of our heart. Light unites us all. We take it for granted but we can’t live or function without it. We think we know what it is but we don’t recognize it is all we are.

Believe light itself.

Light promotes a healthy physiology and happy psychology. Exposure to light seen or imagined, accesses your universal connectedness and limitless self-expression. Light is a natural, global experience benefiting all Humanity. Human beings are formed from light and must have the continual consumption of condensed sunlight in the form of food. When we humans don’t receive normal light, our brain chemistry changes. Continuous weakened light and/or light deprivation makes us vulnerable to anxiety, poor thinking, sleep problems, depression, mood disorders, fatigue, low energy, irritability, and changes in appetite.

Light is your personal connection to the power of all life. It creates the personification of light as your own authentic self. Ultra-sensitive cameras reveal that our bodies of all living creatures emit tiny amounts of light, bioluminescence,  that are too weak for the human eye to detect. The smallest unit of light is a biophoton; from the Greek, meaning life light, a quantum of visible light emitted from a biological system.

A biophoton is a tiny lightning-like flash of light found in all living cells, including human beings, animals and plants. Electric fields inside our cells are as strong as, or stronger than, those produced in a lightning bolt.
Inside your living human cells, an electron’s irresistible movement toward the cell nucleus creates a lightning-like electromagnetic discharge of energy.

An electron synthesizing with the nucleus discharges super-consciousness in a proton of light that manifests the universe.
This is the animating spark of our human cell chemistry happening in all our trillions of human cells at once, creating a plasma-like field, a sea of living light in us and around us. We are light.

Light excites about 100,000 chemical reactions in every cell every second.

Biophoton light emitted in a human body, modulates the fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA. Biophotons are stored in and distributed from the nuclei of DNA molecules. They carry life processes and are stored in and distributed from the nuclei of DNA molecules. Biophotons transfer light as energy and information throughout all the cells of the human body. They are stored in and constantly distributed, released, absorbed and recycled from the nuclei of our DNA molecules, feeding, empowering and connecting all our cells, tissues and internal organs, in a communication and regulating network that integrates body, mind and consciousness as one. Biophotons are absorbed and released by your DNA as language, in the form of a “male/female” 1/0 binary code of emotional intelligence, communicating with all cells, tissues, and organs.


All living organisms emit a constant current of biophotons as direct instantaneous signals from one part of the body to another and to the outside world.

Light compels our action and fuels our will; it is the moral basis of all human action for every person in every aspect of life. Our lives must be based on its example to us.

Light expressed as a personality, is someone you love.
The fact is, light gives life, this statement implies if all living things, including human beings want life, then they must discover their own way of light. Light is simple and accessible; it allows all people everywhere to define and design their lives in light, on their terms, their way. We all are light. The positive human values light represents to us are at our fingertips at all times reminding us light loves every living thing equally, eternally, unequivocally and unconditionally.

When we look at actions of light as if it were the actions of a person, that person is empathetic, prosocial, compassionate and unconditional in its giving. It is everything we as human beings aspire to at our best. Light is emblematic of our common humanity and provides a simple non-religious moral imperative we can use to understand our lives and decisions. Light infers natural psychological patterns of intelligent, moral and life-giving behavior. Your examination of light is but an examination of the best of who you are.

Light is essential to maintaining normal, healthy physiology and psychology.

Imagine you are enjoying a lovely sunny day; feel the warm sunlight on your face and how good it feels to be alive. Look at all the life and natural beauty around you that light is creating. Remember all the joy, pleasure and happiness you have experienced in light and because of light; how it inspired you, raised you up and filled your heart and mind with good feelings, happiness warmth, hope and joy, as it has done every day, for every person who has ever lived. Light shows us the natural evolution of life.

Think, intuit and intend every idea and thought of light on your terms, your way. Immerse yourself in the nature of light. Examine all that light is and you will learn what is real and right, develop your understanding of the nature of light’s character.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.
–The Elders of the Arizona Hopi Nation

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Christopher Judges

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Light – The Universal Power © Christopher Judges.
Photos of fractal light by Pete Linfort, England.

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    what about dark man? are not all colors black?

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    Thank you- fits perfectly with my belief that all is one- and life comes from life and all life is kindred, one step farther- and all the stone, stars and galaxies— all one, all to be honored…..God is not separate nor labled as belonging to any one group… Cheers

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    Christopher, as always, my guru who patiently looks past my foolishness and encourages me along the path we call life. My life would be so much different without you. There is no possible way to thank you.

  4. Sonja

    Thank you so much for your profound uplifting essay on light. Already reading your lines makes me feel lightful, very inspring, very true and natural.

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