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Living with mania, is bizarre.
In a wonderful way it keeps you on your toes aware.
You have to ride the waves.
Not be vritti’s slave of mental dictatorship,
Slip and you’re a battered sausage on a Friday night dipped in mushy peas.
Otherwise a majestic open panoramic sky,
Asking how? Now and not why?
Insight and reflection great tools to balance and harmonize!
Or otherwise.
£12,000 worth of studio equipment broken, in blind rage!
In a pig’s pit, tasered, pepper-sprayed by the police.
Restrained, injected, with sedatives to sleep, acute wards.
Sectioned under The Mental Health Act. Psychiatrists, Therapist’s. Or a suicidal low.
Homeless for ten months through a frosty Winter and Spring in the snow.
Confused, a pressure cooker ready to blow, stratosphere height!
One book, five paintings and ten tracks in a week!
One can easily become habituated and addicted to the buzz of elation!
Which arises before one goes ‘Superfly TNT!’ (A Manic Episode)
Self destructive, rash and sometimes whimsical. Blown hither and thither.
Overstand! Maintain! Good sleep. Regular meals, with lots of greens!
Socialise! Make eye contact, be more open and trusting.
A combination of therapy, Buddhist practice & medication keeps my equilibrium spot on.
Don’t feel ashamed! Don’t feel stigmatised by your condition!
Thinking ‘Woe is me!’
As Bi-Polar has helped me on the path, with transmutation.
Walk well.
With appreciation.

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I am a visual artist, poet, writer, music producer and dzogchen practitioner. I’m also an amateur photographer & keen etymologist. I use my artistic expressions as a means to positively uplift others with the old school motto P.E.A.C.E = Positive. Energy. Activates. Constant. Elevation. Yeshen's Soundcloud presence.

Photo art of beaten piano, courtesy of the author.

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    this music is a delight to the soul thanks for sharing it with us

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