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lonely cabin in the pines
in front, the boundless sky
empty-clarity vast as mind
behind, the rising ridge
a fortress of fearless confidence
vast and held, here i dwell

lonely cabin in the pines
permeated by the sound
of all-embracing silence
nurtured by the view,
the breast-shaped peak
that serves as my central shrine

lonely cabin in the pines
in the fierce winds of changing spring
in the brutal heat of summer
in the crunch and chill of golden autumn
in the snow of pure-white winter
in this always-changing world—
seeking that which doesn’t change

lonely cabin in the pines
melting snow in an over-sized pot
for my tea and soup
no thoughts of greed for wealth,
but a little scheme going for water

lonely cabin in the pines
clouds moving in
heavy oppressive pregnant with wet
inside, curled up tight
under a blanket, warm tea in hand
letting the wind sweep the trees
of winter complacency

lonely cabin in the pines
don’t change my socks anymore
what’s the point?
wash my feet when they feel
like velcro against the sheets
no one to mind
no mind to mind

lonely cabin in the pines
crazy kitten for company
she complains:
always bored and lonely.
well, yes, that’s true,
but isn’t it also
just wonderful?

lonely cabin in the pine
at dawn’s break the sun
slowly enlightens the dark valley below
my heart opens:
can’t save for later
the joy of this moment

About the Author
Beth Lee-Herbert

Beth Lee-Herbert


Beth is a dharma practitioner based outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. She enjoys stainless skies and the fresh smell of rain, solitude and deep connection, silence and laughter, and every form of dance. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Photo by Bonnyb Bendix

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  1. Urd Lacroix

    Thank you! Felt like being there in the cabin in the pines.

  2. Avatar

    Thanks Beth, for the openness & clarity resting in the natural state. I recently visited SW CO & SE UT, alot of memories rose up from many hiking,camping & river trips. The journey from desert to alpine always amazes me yet find the middle ground between,among junipers & sage open for pristine clarity!

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