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Love is friendship that has caught fire
It is quiet understanding
Mutual confidence
Sharing and forgiveness
It is loyalty through
Good and bad
It settles for less
Than perfection and
Makes allowances for human weekness
Without expectations
And it can be hard
That is the strength
The beauty

About the Author
Kate Roddick

Kate Roddick

Kate is unique, being one of the first ever Westerners ever to study traditional Tibetan medicine in Dharamsala. This was no mean feat, spending seven years within the monk community next to His Holiness Dalai Lama’s residence, translating Tibetan texts to enable her to study medicine with some of the greatest Tibetan physicians of our time. This was borne out of her deep dedication to of wishing to help others. At Napiers the Herbalists. She also holds workshops on The Art of Tibetan Healing and the Five Elements. She spends much time attending retreats these days and has a darn good sense of humor.

Photo by unknown.

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