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Unidentified is a place he has chosen
Distant beyond, where simply devoted reach
Unworkable will he be to for you to uncover
Yet call him, he is right there by your threshold.

Solitary the best position he finds
Simplicity is his attitude defined
Intelligence, you barely dare to bet
Love and compassion, his embedded duty.

Ordinary will he seem to you
While I know what he is to me.

You necessitate a phone to communicate
He just needs hearts to connect
You hunt for a structure to live
He finds a cave to retreat
You command luscious to eat
He survives on grains he obtain
You party with echoing blare
He celebrates with the offerings he compose

Ordinary will he seem to you
While I know what he is to me.

Death is what he tirelessly reminds himself with
Worldly pleasure, the distraction he mull over
Prayers his therapy
For one and for all beings to heal
Hours, minutes and seconds he reckon
To help, help the ailing beings.

With your modern jargon,
What would you title him with?
A gentleman? The noblest ? or an ancient?

Ordinary will he seem to you
While I know what he is to me

He is my Guru.

About the Author
Jigme Zangmo

Jigme Zangmo

I am Jigme Zangmo from Bhutan. I graduated from College of Natural Resources under Royal University of Bhutan in B. Sc Sustainable Development. Besides academic, I spent my time reading social and spiritual books that uncover beauty and struggles of all beings that is bound within. I am in process of learning to write and my works are as amateur as this article but I always dream to write better and spread love. This article inspires me to learn how to move on in life. I hope it does the same to all the readers.

Photo from Paro Valley, Bhutan by Mint Images – Art Wolfe.

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    Amazing poetry!

    I am very fortunate to have my guru in my life. Thank you would not suffice for the comfort he has given to me and others.

    May God bestow blessings to him.

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    My greatest wish is to find my own guru who will help me attain the greater humblest life on earth….i am dreaming this for me since I was a young girl ….tgank you kindly for all these amazing poetry and articles…Om mani peme hung _()_

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