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Every little human being is unique and wonderful. A mystery in the flesh. A mandala of isness. A rare flower, only one of its kind, fragile and full of promise, to be cared for with tenderness and respect. As an equal.

Nature is magical, a living source of expression, a playground, a kaleidoscopic unfolding, a fusion of mathematics and art. Nature wakes up our gentle heart and observing mind. By its constant presence nature reflects our feelings, ideas and thoughts in an ongoing, uncomplicated way. Every plant is a medicine or a poison, every animal a feeling and a expression of a sentient being, the wind is movement and all thoughts are like wind.

I feel that its both wise, kind and necessary to guide compassionately our little human beings while they are in our care. Let them see depth and meaning in everything through artistic play and exploration in nature herself. Gently transmit the knowledge of how to be creative and fearless in the elements.
Walk gently in natural surroundings, in the forest, mountains, by the sea, along a river, in the dense jungle. Hear the birds, take in the scents of every element, with invisible reins, loose enough to be free and feel the connectedness and peace, unencumbered and undamaged.

It is here the three mandalas meet, nature, human and child, a wondrous combination that nurtures and enriches our humanity to expand in the best possible way, to be its most beautiful.

Adult and child together in nature, so many things to do, or just watch. Lie on your back, gazing up into the sky. Carve a stick, use rocks on top of each other to make art, look at the small worlds animals create, gently lift a stone and see roads and cities of ants. Be good at just sitting, without having to do or talk. Look into flowers instead of picking them, bring home a piece of old driftwood. Show them gentleness by being gentle. Show them care by caring.

When the little humans spend time in natural surroundings, free to play and create, they are both happier and healthier, and gain a better understanding of their connection with nature. I feel it is vital to maintain the link between human and nature as early as possible.
Give the child its own garden plot to grow flowers, vegetable and herbs. Show how to handle seeds and sprouts with care and patience. Open up to compassion and respect for the small ones, the worms and the insects.
To watch the daily growth of a vegetable gives time for reflection and is a direct lesson in how the potential unfolds and how the unseen becomes visible. The gardening work expands the capacity for imagination and instills fearlessness when about to initiate a new project. Spend time on this, because every little human being is unique and wonderful.

Wide open eyes
opened up to seeing
not yet looking at something
the child-human is not separated into here and there.

 At one with the field of experience
there is no dwelling on oneness
it’s an open ground of original mind
not yet confirmed. 

Before falling from Eden
butterflies and the lilies
shimmering sunshine
summing of bees. 

Everything is an infinite scary abyss, potentially
everything an infinite heavenly ambrosia mind, potentially
simply and plainly, let it be
the unceasing mandala of isness.

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Tara Karmeshvari

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