In POETRY by Lee Weingrad


the fragile beauty of this moment,

celebration and mourning dance

of what is and what is not,

and what is yet to be.

The steps and gestures

once known and now gone,

bird’s sky imprint, as is said,

those yet unborn, unknown,

a leaf to fall from autumn’s thorny crown,

all rest in winter

which when bleak enough and dark enough,

arouses another new moon fandango.

About the Author
Lee Weingrad

Lee Weingrad

Lee Weingrad is a practicing Buddhist, a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche since 1971. He resides in Beijing, China with his wife, Wenjing, and their two children, Iana (in College) and Joseph. He runs Surmang Foundation, a health promotion foundation that focuses on mother and child health in Tibet.

Photo by Morquefile

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