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You brought to me your love
and affectionate laughter
But with it you gave me your pain
Your suffering, frustration
Your jealousy
mind games played

But no body did not understand
That with my Dakini Heart
I take all that you give me.
I have no fear of pain
but a deep respect for
its darkness

And now with tear streaked face
and eternal infinite love
With a primordial eruption
from my Dakini Heart
I return your pain cleansed
white pure… served with forgiveness

My every blessing is for your
happiness and success
And I hope my intent is not lost
As good friends we aim to part
forever bound by Dakini Heart

About the Author
Renée Rigdzin Chömtso

Renée Rigdzin Chömtso


A mother to many and a precocious earth child, I earned a Masters of science degree in geology and geophysics. I opened a metaphysical jewelry shop, Brazil Gems, and am perfectly content to work two to three days a week while practicing and exploring our world. We must work within our circumstance, as my teacher Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche says. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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    So beautiful – thank you. ❤️

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