NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE – by Christopher Judges

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The radical terrorist group ISIS is made up of people who are outraged because they have lost their countries, their homes, their children, their families, their jobs, their wealth, their rights, their hopes and their dreams. Their peoples were oppressed, murdered, killed, maimed, injured and destabilized mentally by the arbitrary and continuous dropping of bombs, bullets, threats and fears, raining down on them 24 hours a day for years on end. They lost their towns, their villages, their history, their culture, their future and themselves.

Politicians, working with and employed by the psychopathic corporate oligarchs of the profiteering West decided the people of those countries should suffer immeasurably so white Westerners, who think of themselves as superior to all others, could own, occupy and control all their lands, take their natural resources and neutralize their individual citizen power to resist. In their desperate outrage, anger, misery, loss and upset, they united and threw off their torturers’ control and the misery they had smashed down on them.

With nothing left to lose and more of the same devastation promised, they morphed into a vicious terrorist group hell-bent on giving the soft under belly of the West a taste of what they had experienced, using devastating surprise attacks and targeted assassinations.

Likewise, a new radical terrorist group named the general public has blossomed right here at home. It is made up of people who are outraged because they have lost their homes, their jobs, their wealth, their education, their freedom, their vote, their rights, their opportunity, their hopes and their dreams. Most feel oppressed, betrayed, turned against each other, divided, conquered and, destabilized mentally by the arbitrary and continuous corporate sponsored news media lies, brainwashing, false-flag terrorism, incessant advertising, economic manipulation, low wages, endless debt, obvious corruption and corporate lies, laws, threats and fears, raining down on them 24 hours a day for years on end.

They have lost their trust in government, democracy, equality, social justice, their future and their civilization, to the rule of oligarchic corporate oppression, expressed through climate change, endless war, high taxation, more wealth for the wealthy, unfair governance, high unemployment and economic misery.

The politicians who ostensibly serve the people but kneel before the corporate oligarchs who control them decided all the general public should suffer unmercifully in order that big corporations could own, occupy, control and exhaust all their lives, like commodities to be bought, sold and thrown away. They stole the general public’s right to their private lives, their self-expression and a free press, overpowering their individual opportunity to resist, using threats of brutality, incarceration and militarized police, all hell bent on defeating their truth, their will and their passionate protest.

In their desperate outrage, anger, misery, loss and upset, the general public are tossing aside the uncertainty of their lives, their economic torture, their never-ending surveillance, their loss of control and their economic devastation, challenging the very essence of the political and corporate values continuously plunged down their frightened throats year after year. They know they must stand and fight to save the remnants of their integrity, life, liberty and happiness, before they are all sacrificed on the high altar of short-term profits and planetary disfigurement, the centerpiece of global corporate criminal insanity.

The general public are massing in the streets and their numbers are increasing soon to millions. The revolution is here, throwing down the non-violent gauntlet that will bring justice to all those unfeeling, uncaring, no conscience, sycophant politicians and oily oligarchs who peddle selfish neoliberal free market governance and their own glory in their efforts to suppress, threaten and jeopardize human love, peace, and survival.

With nothing left to lose but more of the same destruction of who they are promised, the general public represent a multiracial, multi-national, multi-cultural democratic socialist global revolution, hell-bent on crashing through the soft under belly of political subterfuge, conservative government, poisonous corporations and secret oligarchs, targeting their homes, their families, their vacations and their corporate culture, to give them a taste of what the general public have experienced under their thoughtless, unkind and profitable oppression.

Using mass marches in overwhelming numbers, protests, sit ins, personal confrontation and cyber investigation, the general public will bring to light the hypocrisy, illegality and secrets of government, banks, global corporations, and their agencies. They will expose the lies behind billionaire tax havens, Wall Street corruption, campaign financing, lobbying and the flat out corruption at all levels of government from local to national, including voter suppression, rigged election results and voter disenfranchisement.

The general public will shut down all aspects of unfair political, social and economic illegality and will bring to justice all those of the status quo who corrupt the ideals of empathy, compassion, conscience and unity. No perpetrator of oppression will escape; new laws that designate them as traitors will bring them down. With nothing to lose, and more of the same devastation promised, the general public are morphing into a massive, hopefully non-violent national liberation movement, hell- bent on giving the soft under belly of the empire of corporatocracy a taste of what real humiliation looks like, removing offenders from office, jailing them for their crimes of indirect violence against the general public and the common good, until they learn to live with empathy, compassion, conscience and unity with all others.

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Christopher Judges

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    It is matter of our previous global capability due to big hungers ; Who has occupied authentic posts by dramatic dummycrashy (democracy )with their abnormal psychosomatic disability…..I am complete agree with you to answer …..

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