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there are
loving gods
but it would seem
that some gods
are violent gods
others frivolous gods
and many
not gods at all
sure we dream
of a world
in which all gods
would be peaceful
caring gods
but we are part
of the world
as are the gods
and so it is not
for us to choose
the divine
but to recognize
and accept it
no matter
how difficult
especially when
it appears anything
but divine

About the Author
Michael Tweed

Michael Tweed

Michael Tweed is an artist and writer who lives a quiet life in the country. Personal website.

Illustration: untitled, The twenty­eight tongues of Kali, anonymous Tantric painting, Rajasthan 1999, Tantra Song, courtesy of Siglio Press. Flourish by Nemo.

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  1. Thade Correa

    Beautiful, Michael. Thank you!

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