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To see, hear, smell, taste and touch is the sacred mandala of the five elements.
To look into something very closely is to discover infinite, open space.
Not only around the things but the things themselves are endless.

The same for the perceiving mind with its perceptions, feelings, concepts, mental images and naked attention.
Looking into them closely and they are only infinite space.
Our very lives are already a pure mandala.
The self-existing sacred world.
This is reality, things as they are, and we can’t do anything to change this fact.

Everyday we face our own world, our individual field of experience.
Some experience a beautiful, fully open world, some experience the mist of horror and despair.
Still for everyone, our fundamental mandala remains the same.
It’s our sacred vow to help, to understand, to realize and be free to manifest beauty and love in the mandala.

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Tara Karmeshvari

Tara Karmeshvari

Art of Life artist & promoter of all living beings' right to freedom and enlightenment. Founder of LEVEKUNST.com. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

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    Beautifully expressed Tara !!!
    Everything is as it should be.
    This knowing itself amounts to liberation/freedom.

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