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In POETRY by Bill Karelis0 Comments

Goodness belongs to all, inherently. In fact, we are goodness itself, in our bones and in our heart. We possess natural warrior-ship, bravery and gentleness. However, we are often obscured from our own goodness and innate, warrior virtues; in such moments, we cannot see our goodness, and we do not feel it. The greatest task we could undertake in this life is to bring out our basic goodness and warriorship, to manifest truly and to be of service to others.

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In ASTROLOGY by Belle Heywood7 Comments

Hello again, lovely and deep bright Star readers!
There is much going on this month and I want to largely focus on one major cosmological dynamic happening: a Grand Cardinal Cross. I will move through some other points for the month, but that configuration, particularly the opposition between the Full Moon/Pluto in Capricorn and Sun/Mars in Cancer will get the most attention, as it is psychologically juicy. 

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In TRAINING by Frans Stiene0 Comments

Touch is such an important element in healing and also in our daily life. But how do we touch? One of the most important elements to touch in the right way is our mind, because if our mind is not in the right space, touch can become very different, even hurtful. Let’s look first at touching ourselves because if we do not know how to touch ourselves, then how can we touch others in the right way?

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In TRAINING by Jason Espada1 Comment

Where there is suffering, either in ourselves or in our world, it is because there has been a lack of attention, love, and understanding. Now, each breath, each look, each thought we direct towards ourselves can be brimming with love, Each step, and every attentive moment can be like a gentle caress.

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In POETRY by Thade Correa0 Comments

In the moments just before dusk the light lengthens, lemon-gold, over the grass: swells, then billows flags of flame tearing in the wind, wave after wave of ochre and umber resounding on the shores of evening, and finally becomes a thing almost incarnate—the clear flesh of the orchid evaporating on its stem might be the opposite of this— and thoughtless you reach to touch it so it thins, fades, and is gone.

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In NATURAL MEDICINE by James Hinds1 Comment

With everyday stress, you should be looking more at handling the situation with your own mind and your own attitude rather than turning to any medication. But medicine is there to help; either for people who are not handling it or people who have such undue stress that it’s not even reasonable to expect them to handle it. Body and mind are constantly interrelated.
Interview with Dr. Emchi Shakya Dorje.

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In INSIGHTS by Erik Pema Kunsang4 Comments

At the onset of the after-death experience, phenomena have no structure and no recognizable features whatsoever, but are a tremendous display, the ultimate acid trip. It’s unlike wide open space on a cloudless day: something happens within that space, called sounds, colors and lights. The sounds are, Tulku Urgyen said, like 100.000 simultaneous thunder cracks, from all directions, above, below, everywhere. The colors are all colors of the rainbow, but much more intense than we normally see in this life. The rays of light are like sharp needles or swords, piercing through everything.