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In LIFE by Jacob AremarkLeave a Comment

Of course, everyone can agree that on the one hand, being in love is a very superficial thing. A process where you are possibly so full of your own projections that you don’t even really see the other person. But on the other hand, it’s something very real in the sense that it really makes you do your best.

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In POETRY by Beth Lee-HerbertLeave a Comment

Spiritual awakening is an experience of the heart not the mind; once we drop into our heart and feel the natural longing for the divine, can our hearts begin to open, revealing the divine with us all along.

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In INSIGHTS by Erik Pema Kunsang1 Comment

Throughout human civilization there have been attempts to formulate that conscious ability in response to the question, what are we really, of what is experience made, where does perception takes place, what is it that feels emotions, and the big question, can consciousness, meaning us, know what it is, directly, by itself and without the use of technological instruments?

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In ART by Tilly2 Comments

The root is what connects us to this beautiful earth that we are part of. We are born of the organic matter of the universe and physically recycled at this frequency until such a time that we have evolved enough to move beyond known reality.

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In VISUAL ART by Viera Collaro2 Comments

In the installation artist and painter Viera Collaro’s artistic universe, light, color, space and reflexes have center stage. The light is the overall force. Clear and poetic, the works beam at the viewer and offer a boundary removing room for thought.