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In POETRY by Wayne Amtzis0 Comments

Night closes in with its breath taking grip, Night that walks in the guise of day. Light footed across the rubble, morning comes as if rising from the dead. That which came and came again leveled a world. In that sudden tolling, what great works were interrupted?
The beating of a heart. A heart! Nine thousand hearts!

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In INSIGHTS by Svend Trier0 Comments

We may start clinging to certain meditative states or experiences, and may believe that we are very good meditators, or close to enlightenment. However, the moment we begin to see and recognize these patterns, it is actually quite funny. We can have a good laugh at ourselves and our habitual tendencies.

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In STORYTELLING by Sascha Alexandra Aurora2 Comments

I am a goddess, I have a female form but my essence is beyond form. I am peaceful but also wrathful because I play with everything. I must go into all places to pour life there. You will find me in the grass, the flowers, the trees, all the green is my shine.

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In SACRED WORLD by Heide Koch1 Comment

Each and every look, word and touch, every episode and even a seeming burden or conflict makes perfect sense, is the starting point, a precious opportunity to practice profoundly and sincerely what we least think we can.

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In WRITERS by Kate Roddick0 Comments

A little later, I put on a pair of gardening trousers, to lift potatoes I have grown, I would normally wear a dress or skirt. I see smoke coming from the croft, and run towards it, and call for Neil, my partner. The croft is becoming ablase with fire, and cannot be entered.

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In TIMELESS MUSIC by Johan Vedel1 Comment

My music teacher often has a light, happy mind. At the same time, he is very serious with his music. He doesn’t sleep very much, only 4 or 5 hours at night. Normally this is something that happens to experienced meditators, but in this case, I believe his music has that same effect.

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In YOGA by Fiona Rose0 Comments

She was small, you might say she looked somewhat forelorn. Yet her naked feet with their wide-spread toes, lightly gripped the soil beneath them. She stood with light balance, there was strength, dignity in her pose.