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In TRAINING by Erik Pema Kunsang2 Comments

Today, on a very special day, I want to share for the first time in English, some words from a real saint and true of master of freedom. Just thinking of him brings tears to my eyes and my heart aches to realize the awakened state completely. His name was Adeu Rinpoche.

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In FICTION by Jon SolomonLeave a Comment

How would you imagine the most compassionate beings in the universe? Would they be like the Mondoshawans, aliens hailing from a far away planet who visit every five millennium to save us from the evil?

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In NATURAL MEDICINE by Tara Trinley Wangmo2 Comments

If there is natural medicine which everyone should have in their home pharmacy, Swedish Bitters deserves to be near the top of the list. It is a very reliable combination of herbs turned into a tonic and it can help for so many complaints.

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In INNER KNOWLEDGE by Erik Pema Kunsang2 Comments

Spiritual means more open-minded, sensitive and intelligent. It means combining heart and mind by being willing to allow natural intelligence to coexist with sincerity and honesty. Being this way, we appreciate people’s noble heart and good qualities.

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In FICTION by John EdwardsLeave a Comment

The story goes: when Barack Obama was in high school, a teacher asked him what is the most powerful thing in the world and he responded without hesitation, “Words.” Most of us learn them quickly from an early age and accumulate more and more of them.

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In POETRY by Rune LacroixLeave a Comment

Suddenly embraced, By softness of knowing, Grateful, but confused, I reach for my ground
So simple, yet I resist, This softness of knowing, Come fruitless habits, Drown this heart

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In STORYTELLING by Douglas J. PenickLeave a Comment

They had obviously done this many times before. He fought as hard as he could, hitting and kicking, and screaming curses the whole time. But there were four of them, and his body though tall and imposing no longer had enough strength. In the end, they wore him down, lying on top of him on the dusty floor.

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In POETRY by Wayne AmtzisLeave a Comment

Night closes in with its breath taking grip, Night that walks in the guise of day. Light footed across the rubble, morning comes as if rising from the dead. That which came and came again leveled a world. In that sudden tolling, what great works were interrupted?
The beating of a heart. A heart! Nine thousand hearts!

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In INSIGHTS by Svend TrierLeave a Comment

We may start clinging to certain meditative states or experiences, and may believe that we are very good meditators, or close to enlightenment. However, the moment we begin to see and recognize these patterns, it is actually quite funny. We can have a good laugh at ourselves and our habitual tendencies.