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Ganesh. May 2015 acryl

To female women in red. Painted when listen to news from Japan 2011. Acryl

We are happy to introduce the artist Monica Riton from Sweden. In her own words: I began painting when I was a child. Later I went to Uppsala Paint and Sculpture, School of Art, but kept my painting more private. Then I went Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and became interior architect. Today my main passion is to paint feelings, idols and role models like Ganesh, Buddha Vajrasattva and the like. Also self portraits I find very interesting. The featured self portrait is painted with the feelings of trust, love and joy.

When I paint it is easy in the beginning, then there is often a period of struggle. Suddenly a flow comes and its so easy, sometimes even like someone else is painting. To me there is parallels with painting and meditation. First I have some kind of focus, then it happens or doesn´t happen. It is what it is. Also music is very important for my expression. I want the right music for right moment! You are welcome to visit my website to enjoy more of my work.

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  1. Endre Vaslestad

    Nice, but the link to the website is dead ..

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