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Here is a song I wrote for everyone who is a rainbow child at heart and longs for more peace, love and understanding.

let’s plant more flowers in our city street
let’s party when our tasks are done
let’s hear more music places people meet
peace and love for everyone

if I have hurt your feelings anyway
if I have failed to see you strong
take my apology the sweetest way
peace and love for everyone

ego-emotions are what frighten us
delightful freedom when they’re gone
constricting thoughts are all that tighten us
peace and love for everyone

let’s try ignoring every fault we find
let’s try forgiving every wrong
unload each burden weighing every mind
peace and love for everyone

let’s treasure goodness in each other’s eyes
in every daughter, every son
respect all races, colors, every size
peace and love for everyone

each war will end when love is on the rise
let’s celebrate this life in song
unfurl a million rainbows on our skies
peace and love for everyone

all pain and trouble stem from selfishness
compassion grows once it is gone
true liberation springs from emptiness
peace and love for everyone

Samantabhadra lives in every heart
not just a few, not only some
from the beginning, from the very start
peace and love for everyone

our natural state is open and awake
free of delusion like the sun
let’s train one-pointed, there is much at stake
peace and love for everyone

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    Great poem and song…tried it on an old Beatles song melody..,’you have to hide your love away’ you have any better suggestions ? …would like to sing this all the time now…

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    Good song

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