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Peace of mind is to allow awareness to be vulnerable, completely shieldless. Within this unguarded awareness, we can discover being invincible. That’s a paradox, a very interesting one. It is necessary to totally and utterly let go of freedom for it to be a reality.

Peace of mind therefore means to be genuinely transparent and to allow a vulnerability which is childlike and yet intelligent. Peace of mind is to be open rather than keeping the guard up, ready to strike back. Sustainable peace has to be the opposite of being on guard when something happens, or when something may invade my area of awareness and disturb me.

Peace of mind is to welcome life into this spacious frame of mind. This spaciousness has everything to do with with peace of mind, because a defensive attitude is not true peace. Peace of mind is not in opposition to sights, sounds or a thought, because there is plenty of room in being like space.
We can test this out at our own pace, that lowering defenses opens up to acknowledging the deeper and more basic strength of this insight: that spaciousness cannot be hurt.

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