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As we observe our minds, we discover that many of our thoughts are negative and thus cause negative emotions. We have negative judgments and feelings about past events, decisions and people. We might have negative thoughts and feelings about our present situation. We might also have fear about our future that causes us to worry.

All these negative thoughts and judgments are only the subjective creations of our mind. Two different people will view the same situation quite differently according to their unique personal reference of experiences and values. This shows that our judgments are relative to our way of thinking. If we wish to move away from a negative mindset to a more positive one, we can apply positive thoughts to counterbalance our negative habitual thought patterns.

For every negative thought we think, we can apply an opposite positive one. For example the opposite of anger is loving-kindness and compassion. Anger can make us do some very destructive things that we deeply regret afterwards. Meditating on loving kindness and compassion on the other hand has been scientifically proving to generate the highest levels of joy and well being that can be registered in a brain scan. So actually wishing for the wellbeing of others is the most beneficial to our own well being

A few examples of antidotes to the mental poisons of negative thoughts are these: Love is the opposite of hate. Generosity and contentment is the opposite of greed. Sympathetic Joy is the opposite of jealousy. You can experiment with which thoughts transform negative mind states into positive ones, and use what works for you. For more inspiration in this field I recommend Buddhist mind training specifically called Lojong. Meditating on the four immeasurables: love, joy, compassion and equanimity have proven to have immense benefit.
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    Great advice…so difficult when i get lost on my negative thoughts…. Very nice antidote to feel better… For me and others… Thank you 🙂

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    Hi Adam! Yes, knowing Divine Law, understanding the feelings which come to us contain a nugget of information for our transformation allows us to change perspective. If we can manage to know there is no bad or good, all things work to lift us up where we belong, the shame, blame, guilt game becomes obsolete,
    Acknowledging the occurrences that have become patterns in our lives and which continue to come because we have not learned the lesson allows us to stop resisting, controlling, projecting and denying. Becoming fully human, being able to say, I am sad, angry, envious, controlling, etc, and feeling the emotion, the energy in motion, asking the message and lesson needed at this particular juncture in our spiritual journey, allows the portal for transformation to open. For example, if we are envious of someone, we can ask what programming is in our subconscious attracting this emotion. Do we feel we are not worthy of that which we are envious of. Are we looking outside of ourselves and comparing? Do we feel only some people can manifest their hearts desire, that somehow we are amongst the unlucky ones? Shedding light on the wound, allows it to heal. If we can observe our physiology, any time our bodies become out of balance, assuredly, there is a message, a lesson knocking at our door. Each day, reprogram, before we spiral down deep into hurt, fear,, sadness, acknowledge the feeling instead of employing one of our defense mechanisms or addictions to push it down into the subconscious. Remember the subconscious is a computer, data in, data out. Whatever we do not acknowledge has power over us and attracts experiences our soul needs to grow, develop and transform. As Rumi states, the wound is the place where the light enters. Try each day to remove an obstacle to the love and magnificence you are. Celebrate the light within yourself… this enables us to celebrate the light in others. Unconditional love starts within each one of us.

    1. Adam

      Hi Suzen! Yes! 🙂 Acknowledging our negative emotions and suffering is the first step in transforming and overcoming them. By acknowledging and allowing ourselves to feel like that is like a sick person accepting he is actually sick. If we don’t accept we are sick how can we go to the doctor, get diagnosed and take the prescribed cure. But we don’t want to remain sick do we? We want to get well as fast as possible right? Similarly we don’t want to stay with negative emotions too long, we want to get rid of them as soon as possible unless we are masochists. We all mostly desire positive states of mind and feelings. So it’s good to accept our feelings if it leads to transforming them to something beneficial. But sometimes we can actually feed the emotions by dwelling too much on them. Without having much knowledge or experience in that field i suspect some forms of modern psychology and therapy kind of keep people stuck in the their negative mindsets by over focusing on the problems rather than on the solutions. Breathe and be Happy! 🙂

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