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Although this pure land, neither measurable nor localized, appears differently to
different perceivers, its essential nature remains unchanging: radiant luminosity
within the great, primordial existent sphere of vital essence.
~ Jamgon Kongtrul

the seductive myth of separation
this pervasive sense of incompleteness
held hostage by time


i can wait
for it is all loosened
so casually

by blue luminosity
the sounds of distant waves
the pernicious love cries of ubiquitous frogs
gliding on the winds

View From Padmasambhava’s Cave To The Valley Beyond ~ Drak Yerpa ~ Tibet

the gentle beckoning
to glide

maturation that somehow occurs

for i remain a child
very eager
enamored, enchanted
delicately tender
in my experience of the world
of an apparent self
full of wonder

Padmasambhava Shrine ~ Chimphu Highlands ~ Tibet

and should i remain still
i hear
and recall
that voice, that presence
always there
from the beginning

as long as consciousness of anything ever occurred
earliest childhood glimmers
and beyond
and even now

this longing the call
for union

to meet
lucid essence

just there

in the pure lands
inner heart

These pure lands are self-arisen due to the blessing of the truth of the nature of reality
and of the transcendent ones’ compassion; 
they are sublime and amazing.
~ Jamgon Kongtrul

About the Author
Michael Ash

Michael Ash

Michael Ash is a photographer, filmmaker, poet and visionary. He is the founder of the dharma and art projects, The Yogini Project, Dharma Eye, Dakini As Art, and Oddiyan's Gate. He presently is working on a documentary film 'Women On The Path' for The Yogini Project.

Photo by Michael Ash.

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