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People are always kind and sensitive when dealing with the dying.
They are sincere, pleasing in speech and action, sensitive to the feeling of the dying person.
In actuality, whether we are bed-ridden or walking around, we are all dying. So let’s be kind, sincere, pleasing in speech, action and sensitive to each other.

Any type of practice without transcendent wisdom of emptiness is samsaric, and egoistic.
Nevertheless, we must do what we can until then, because they are traces of Wisdom Mind.

If we want to die in peace with ourself,
at the least,
we have to live in peace with others.

NO! Not Now but ‘NOW!’
Most people associate ‘Now’ with time and space.
The ultimate ‘Now’ is a self-existing awareness beyond the dualistic concern of ‘here and now’ and ‘there and then’ which are concepts of time and space. The authentic ‘Now’ concerns not time and space.
It is just a simple and natural Presence.
It is not what we experience nor is it different.

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Thubten Kway

I don't know what I am, looking like a human, behaving like an animal and think like a lunatic.

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