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In 2010 I heard this music. I didn’t create it as much as it created me! I thought I loved music and then it turns out that music loves me even more. A friend wrote me a letter and she told me in that letter, that she looked through my outer walls, and the instant I read those words I knew that was true. She looked into my heart and saw the real me. And so did I.

In that moment the walls fell, just like the fall of the wall in 1989 and I was not I any longer. I was not limited by myself anymore. This opened my heart which I, by the way noticed is the door to heaven and suddenly I was surrounded by this enormously beautiful music.

The message in the music is that love never dies. Ever! We just forget. But if you are as lucky as me, who met this wonderful person who said the right thing at the right time, you will know that love is eternal and there is more Love in there than you can ever imagine. That’s why I called the music Resurrection.

Resurrection depicts the process of deeper awakening through the heart. It takes off from the heart and in a short transcendent moment of creation the heart opens and allows the spirit in – allows the resurrection of love. Resurrection indicates that love is available every where and anybody can reconnect.
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David Fonsbo

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Photo by Oberholster Venita, South Africa.

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    Thank you Erik…I discover while in this process that…well…that I can’t find an ‘ending’ to any of this ‘music’ simply because there is none.This is just as it is. These sessions need to be finalized gently and with as much gracefulness each ‘time’ as this spirit and it’s soul will allow for. As the moment flows we each improvise to, hopefully, the very best of our nature and it’s ever newly discovered ability. Also, thank you to David Fonsbo and his Resurrection. Very nicely brought about! It lingers on

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