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I stray into your rose garden and write perfumes
you know me in your nose, your rose
my words are dream of bees,  thrill in it’s wings
it is petals of your smile

I write to dope the wind in your rosy unseen
sparkle stars in seeking  young eyes,
eavesdrop on baby birds’ fresh melody,
emanate whole of light

I write closed eyes, calm, careful breaths
faded distance or distanceless, kingly kindness
praise of naked nearness,
nature of comfort, a self

In your rose garden, beating of universe
eternal discipline of truth,
a stream of freedom strays and I am it
I make you, all and me, one

Yeah, you are all of stream or I am all of rose
or both or of what always remains unsung
what doesn’t matter either way,
nothing— a rose garden

About the Author


Maheshwor Dhital is a fakir. He loves to meditate in deepening woods, dance around fire. He writes to celebrate being. He is from Kathmandu, and what is "not" of him is from where you are.

Photo by Milada Vigerova, Slovakia.

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