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Since the beginning of all time until the end of all time there lives a ruler of a vast kingdom between myriads of interstellar clouds and within each single sentient being. May this timeless king of ancient lineage born in the foam of a colorful- iridescent sea of arising stardust remember his royal descent. May he wake up to the holistic realization of his eternally pulsating universe of body, speech and mind within an ocean of nourishing light for the benefit of all living beings as there are as many as shooting stars in a meteor stream.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you be strong and aware of your awesome majesty
to become a perfect guide for
the myriads of protègès under your care.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you assume full responsibility
of inner and outer heritages entrusted to you since long time.
May you participate creatively in life of the whole with benevolence and warmth.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you be merciful and generous.
May you plant beautiful flowers in lush gardens with a flair of purity
where you and your fosterlings will walk your lotus feet on lilac floral carpets.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you with discipline and joy endeavour to take care of your celestial goods and lands.
May you gracefully offer scented water and fragrant perfumes, ambrosial bunches of fruit, rays of
lights and charming songs never heard and all fed from an inexhaustible source hidden from view.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you stay calm and patient
when eyes of envy, rage and resentment stare rivalingly at your shining glory.
May you radiate signs of communion, peaceful joy and unpartial love as a most effective remedie.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you stay alert and ever feel safe
when waves of anger, greed and anxiety arise and bother your peaceful mood.
May you allow them to taper off into shallow land placidly watching them disappear.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you endorse your inner presence and manifest the devine
into a world of wealth and abbundance with palaces, temples, gardens, lakes and living creatures.
May you embrace your creative visions with wisdom and grace.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you be awake and see luminously clear through your inner crystal eye to picture
the world of all shades of grey. May you integrate phenomenas´ outer diversity into
counterbalanced shapes of blue electric light that holds the fluent potency of healing on all levels.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
owner of kindest heart by birth may you bow down in love and with deep gratitude
like a tree is leaning slightly in the summer wind. May you tame your bewildered mind with focused concentration and pure view to become a clear-eyed protector of beings of all kind.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you listen with sympathetic ears to the serene and jouyous songs of birds at dawn
chattering from their lookout points in the trees whose cheerful repertoire seems infinite.
May you sacrifice old habitual patterns to open doorless gates to worlds of miracle and wonder.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you walk sedately amidst turmoil and noise like an airship
that silently ploughs through the tranquil sea of air. May you see golden willow trees kissing emerald green lakes and night blue butterflies nipping nectar of fresh orange.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may your rosy feet and velvet hands be
well aquainted with the touch of finest water pearls on lily flower petals.
May you reflect the stillness of turqoise skies and surrender willingly to your inherent royalty.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you be a spiritual fertilizer for you and others and naturally stay centered in your spine.
With higher forces of affection let your energy flow like red volcanic lava streams
from erupted magma that leak out from the earth surface and ensure particular fertile soils.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you be curious and keen to look behind the veils of your own mind´s dense high clouds.
May you let your wandering mind settle within itself and look into the one who does not muse.
Effortlessly float on the stream of self-awareness and enjoy your perfect nature free of clinging.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
may you realize vast empty cognizant space within your lightful being.
May you find courage to follow a path with no boundary and fully accept
that no single atom on the lane exists outside of you – but utterly pure love and light.

You, ruler of your vast kingdom
wheresoever you may move and dwell in time and space
may you become adamantly aware in your wide open heart
that mandalas of blooming Buddhalands are pulsating everywhere.

With gentle voice of calm command invite
all sentient beings to your vividly flourishing fields.
May you hearten each single one to live beautifully in harmony –
only with an utpala flower as a support that reaches the open sky.

About the Author
Sonja-Maria Teufel-Schmarsli

Sonja-Maria Teufel-Schmarsli


In the South of Germany I am running a little hotel. I enjoy meeting and taking care of my guests and like to connect people who didn´t know each other before for any possible project. I love writing poetry, painting and getting in contact with the unlimited abbundance of nature by observing, breathing and comtemplating. I search to keep things simple and somehow try to integrate all daily experiences into the Dharma. Sonja-Maria's website.

Featured image by Paula Nicho Cumes – The Process and Vision of the Peace.

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  1. Avatar

    Das ist wie ein wunderbares Gebet voll Reinheit und Güte. Vielen Dank der Autorin für diese schönen Zeilen. Können wir mehr von der Autorin hören.

    1. Sonja

      Dankeschön, liebe Anette!

  2. Vered Bar

    Dear Sonja.
    This is very beautiful.
    Very moving. You write beautiful and inspiring.
    With Love

    1. Sonja-Maria Teufel-Schmarsli

      Thank you, dear Vered!

  3. Avatar

    I am totally overwhelmed with the beauty thank you. It has touched the depths of my heart.

    1. Sonja-Maria Teufel-Schmarsli

      Thank you, dear Noelene, I am very happy that you can connect with my verses!

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