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Sad it is to see,
Sad it is to hear,
Sad it is to not be able to free,
Sad it is to seek, that which is but everywhere.

Sad it is your ignorance,
Sad it is my ignorance,
Sad it is our ignorance,
Sadness is but happiness in pretence.

Sad it is this bewilderment,
Sad it is this discontentment,
Sad it is to not see everything in its wonderment,
Sad it is to die with every instant.

Sad it is this false laughter,
Sad it is this lost smile,
Sad it is to live life not knowing what we are after,
Sad it is to not realize this life is but for just a while.

Sad it is this wasted breath,
Sad it is this empty affections,
Sad it is to have not met,
Ourselves, yet served our imaginations.

Sad it is this delusion,
Sad it is this stubbornness,
Sad it is these habits, our self-created prison,
Sad it is to live swayed by the winds caress.

Sad it is this alienation,
Sad it is to not have compassion,
Sad it is to live infatuated in our world of infatuation,
Sad it is, indeed! this lust for ungraspable illusion.

Sad it is to live poisoned by desire,
Sad it is to believe jealousy’s lies,
Sad it is to burn oneself with anger’s fire,
Sad it is, oh! So sad it is that everything dies.

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Karma Dendup

Karma Dendup


Karma Dendup serves as a TV host and Producer, for the Bhutan Broadcasting Service, BBS, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema. As he says: “While my work is primarily to produce documentaries, for the past 5 years I have been hosting and producing a monthly program on Buddhism, which has now grown into a weekly show called the Jangchub Shing, The Bodhi Tree. I love and respect all religions, but stand sane and alive because of the Buddha Dharma.” Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Photo by Khusen Rustamov, Russia.

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  1. Karma

    Dee, you are too kind to say so… I am but a fellow inhabitant of this planet we call home, hoping and praying to leave it a better place when I leave, so that I can visit it again in, in a better condition.
    Love and best wishes from the Himalayas (which is experiencing unprecedented weather this year)

  2. Avatar

    I am in awe of such beautiful poetry. I know it comes from the depths of your being, Karma Dendup, but I can’t but help imagine if you’ve captured the deep sadness of the world itself. I know for myself, it speaks to my own being. Thank you so much!

    Peace and Blessings!

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