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Sit in a relaxed way with your spine straight.
Then say out loud:
I take my refuge in Buddha Dharma and Sangha
(3 times)
To free all beings from suffering and its causes,
I aspire to and go towards complete awakening
(3 times)
In this crystalline voidness,
light rays of compassion shines
from a self resounding “HUNG!”
Spontaneously I arise as the pure spirit of gift giving.
With a big belly and flowing white mustache and beard
I’m dressed all in red with white trim with an appearance not unlike an amanita muscaria
My jolly demeanor puts everyone in good cheer
and as all the dream beings adopt my attitude of pure generosity and sharing,
all lack, or sense of scarcity is completely banished
and instead everyone delights in a wonderful feeling of abundance, satisfaction, and contentedness.
In my heart the self resounding “HUNG!” light is surrounded by the mantra
With its repetition light spreads out
and brings everyone pure, lasting peace.
Ho Ho Ho
(108 times)
I dedicate this merit to the continuing wellness and ultimate liberation of us all, every one. Sva Ha

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