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We are the Scarlet Women
Some called sluts and whores.
We are emanations of Divine Mother
forced deep into the subconscious.
Forced out of fear.

Some people fear us
but it’s themselves they fear.
Fear of their own desire.
Fear of loss of control.
Fear of that which they cannot know.

It is this fear which wrote
the blasphemous history of Magdalene
Darkened the scarlet nature
of Divine Mother with deceit.
But nothing can be hidden forever.

Buried deep within subterranean
of our planets subconscious
Termas has been discovered.
Now It is time to rip flesh from bone
and drink the blood of truth.

Alas. It is our time now.
Time to rise and discard
the veil of tainted illusion.
Time for our clear light to shine
for all those to see.

Time to balance the unbalanced
Right that which has been wronged.
Time to unleash the scent of passion
into the air of complacency.
Time to evolve beyond.

All to be achieved with grace and compassion
beautifully performed with strokes of love
For their are many ways to
accomplish that which is desired.
And Scarlet Women~know many secrets~

About the Author
Renée Rigdzin Chömtso

Renée Rigdzin Chömtso


A mother to many and a precocious earth child, I earned a Masters of science degree in geology and geophysics. I opened a metaphysical jewelry shop, Brazil Gems, and am perfectly content to work two to three days a week while practicing and exploring our world. We must work within our circumstance, as my teacher Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche says. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Featured image by LEVEKUNST art of life based on photo art by nelag0.

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    Awesome Dawa !!! Thank you

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    Enjoy in great bliss!!!! Wonderful poem. Renee, is mother to many but daughter to me!

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      Thanks Mom 🍓🍓🍓

  3. Dawa Dhundup

    A very provoking poem, wonderfully played with words and of course great thought.

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