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Theo sat down and crossed his legs in the full lotus position. The tall being was now nowhere to be seen. The yogi’s eyes naturally closed and he sank deep within the self. At some point, he was prompted to open them again. On the far side of the circle sat a god, whom Theo recognized as Ishvara, the creator of the universe.

One could see that the god’s form was like that of a human, that the shape of his face could have been that of an Indian gentleman. But little else conveyed an impression of a human being. Ishvara’s face and body consisted entirely of colored light. His face was an oval of soft white light. Set in it were large eyes of the deepest black. Violaceous swirls indicated the folds of his loose garment. A scarf of aqua light draped over his left shoulder and onto his right arm. An aura of gentle luminance radiated out from the body of the god in threads and waves of pink and sky blue and ultramarine.

The yogi prostrated before Ishvara and did not rise. Eventually, a quiet but authoritative intuition summoned him to an upright position. Theo did not reflect on what he was experiencing, but an all-knowing observer would have remarked that the effect of Ishvara’s energy on the man was profound. He had been greatly changed by that of his master and the other realized beings whose company he had been honored to share. But the magnitude of the emanations passing through him from the other side of this circle proved tectonic. He was blasted into a million pieces; solid residues buried deep in his soul were exploded as if by nitroglycerine charges. His soul got stretched and pulled, palpated and massaged, twisted and bent. Had he been considering his experience, Theo would have seriously wondered if he would live to remember it. For these energetic assaults threatened the very nature of his soul.

Ishvara did not telepathically talk with him as the other enlightened beings had. No thoughts passed between them. The observer previously mentioned would have concluded that the god was beyond human communications. But Theo did manage to express one thought to Ishvara: “Please show me who you are.”

Then, as the yogi looked into the very deep black holes of the god’s eyes, he was sucked straight into them as if by some immensely powerful force. And then he beheld a brightness such as he had never conceived possible, as if a million noon suns were blazing at full potency. The light gave way to a vision of unlimited galaxies, billions of clusters of twinkling stars stretching out into an infinite distance. The galaxies disappeared and in their place appeared billions of people of every size and shape and color, people hurrying about their business, people dying in their beds, people suffering in their pains, babies crying, children playing, lovers cooing. Everywhere the yogi looked, there were people and more people and still more people.

Then the people left the scene, and the heavens appeared in their place. He witnessed myriads of spirits savoring the subtle pleasures of their celestial abodes. Angels floated past him to the sweet sounds of flute music. Archangels wrapped great wings around the angels in their charge. The perfume of love scented the air.

The heavens gave way to the hells. Dark souls battled in their greed and anger. Sharp words cut the smoky air. Tension permeated every crevice of the polluted space. These souls hated and fought, argued and ranted, struggled and connived. All distrusted the others. Plots and schemes were constantly laid and set. And the hells faded and there was….light! Not the overwhelming light of the million suns, but a gracious, tender light that lapped one’s heart and cuddled one’s soul. This soft light reached high and stretched low. It extended left and it spread right. It so filled space that there was room for nothing else. And then the vision ended.

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Rick Maddox

Rick Maddox

Richard Dietrich Maddox grew up in the Midwest and graduated with honors from Princeton University. After graduation, he spent five years in Europe studying literature and preparing to teach meditation. He taught meditation full-time for two years before serving as the Vice President of Sales for seven successful high-tech startup companies. In 2005, he retired from the business world to concentrate on writing.

Photo: Krishna under Vishnu 8th reincarnation (with flute artefact/symbol), modern interpretation.

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    A fanciful scene of reality….brilliant! Richard Maddox is a marvel of a writer…always taking the reader where they need to go but don’t know it.

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