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Homage to the sole protector,
Wish-fulfilling vase of goodness.

Reliable Guide who knows
Dazzling King of utter beauty
Ferocious Destroyer of all hesitation
Hear our longing cries for help.

Precious, supreme bhikkhu
Of soft words and gentle gestures
Careful steps and immediate attention
Your hands reach out for us
Every time we trip up and begin to fall again.

Khenpo Rinpoche in India

Without pushing or pulling
You simply provide and wait
Patiently offering clear pathways and solid ground
Through the perilous muddy swamps of suffering
That promise safety and security, but never come through.
Your kind reply to every inquiry
Sees the entire path
While sweetly encouraging the very next step.
You nourish us completely
To stand up and go forth.

“You are my teacher,” we finally realize.
“You are my student,” you graciously accept.
And so begins the epic journey
Of uncoiling these knots
That I proudly wrapped myself.

Your soothing scent of perfect conduct
Makes everything seem possible
Brings the teachings alive
Clarifies their essential meaning
And refreshes each step with obvious certainty.

The boundless breadth of Buddha’s all-seeing eyes
Must look to you with deep, wide smiles and praise.
Noble son of the victorious ones
Your awareness radiates throughout the universe
Calling to us from the other shore.And yet I pause and refuse to move
From fear or conviction,
Doubt or distraction.
My powerful, clearly-confused bubbling ego waste
Has overtaken me.

And then in one fail swoop—so matter-of-factly
You enliven everything with ecstasy.
No one can take their eyes away.
The sheer brilliance of your majesty is unparalleled.
We’re all hopelessly transfixed by your noble celebrity.

Khenpo Tsewang Rinpoche in meditation

The complex vacuum of my tense grasping
Relaxes with an effortless, casual gesture.
The resounding power of your lotus turning mudra
Instantly blossoms the baby seed of my heart.
Yes! Of course! Everything you said is true!

A smile spreads across your face and the entire globe
Laughing loudly without a second thought
The cosmos sparkling into full swing
Crackling electric through the room.
Everything bursts with fresh wonder.

Ah la la ho!
How wondrous!
The swaying dance of sensual beauty
Sparks everyone into coursing, sweet motions
That lean into boundless, simple awe.

How majestic, your sovereign reign
Over everything that appears!
Resounding Dharma Lord beyond compare
Your pulsing, exact movements
Bring everything to perfect balance.
And then, of course I think:
“It’s all because of me.”
And delight erupts into hurricanes of uncontrollable, raging fury
Blasting all defenses with the roaring sound of Phet
Obliterating everything that seemed secure.

Khenpo Tsewang Rinpoche playing damaru his house.

With wrathful displays of blazing blue power
You effortlessly shatter all pretence
And mercilessly rend hypocrisy bare.
Glorious Vidyadhara
There is simply no escape from your fierce, penetrating gaze.

Your mighty, blazing wisdom fire
Flickers unmatched kindness flames
Whose unstoppable, boiling, seething teeth
Burst ego’s frozen hold
Into silly, sad mud puddles.

Your compassion sees everything yet says nothing.
The time for words is over.
Stubborn, locked patterns on repeat
Leave no other option
Than furious, unyielding, tender care.

And then quiet.
Everything I thought I knew is ash.
Calmly walking away with a begging bowl, you turn your head just slightly back,
The most natural move I’ve ever seen.
“Are you ready to begin again?”

Supreme Heruka of Sheer Chaos
Matchless Destroyer of All Solidity
Fearless Raging Wisdom Fire
From the clearing of your furious devastation
Our bodhichitta roots grow deeper, stronger, and more honest—more ready for anything.

Kind One Who Knows
Amazing Secret Sovereign
Lord of All Mandalas
Please forgive our stupid, childish mistakes
And forever support us on the correct path.

We continuously prostrate to you, confess our errors, and redouble our efforts,
Offering our doors as yours
Arms of compassion who serve
The sole refuge of all wandering beings.

Supplication and Confession Prayer  to Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche.

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Pema Dragpa

Pema Dragpa

Lama Pema Dragpa has been a resident Dharma teacher at Padma Samye Ling (PSL) since 2004, the main monastery & retreat center of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center founded by the Nyingma Dzogchen masters Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche & Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche. Ordained as a lama by Rinpoches, Dragpa graduated with honors in philosophy & religious studies from NYU in 2002, is a senior editor of over 20 books on Buddhist philosophy & meditation, and is a certified Hospice volunteer. He regularly travels to lead PBC events on traditional & contemporary Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Here's the website of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center.

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