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Gently embraced
By softness of knowing
Grateful, but confused
I reach for my ground

So simple, yet I resist
Softness of knowing
Let fruitless habits
Drown my heart

Until I am lost in solitude
But softness of knowing
Whisper in wounds
Difference is deceit

But do I dare let you?
Softness of knowing
Meet my tears
And give them away

To sorrow´s open meadows
Softness of knowing
Where you make known
I am not alone

Worlds of tears!
So, softness of knowing
I must leave my shelter
Stay in your gaze

Let you baffle my soul
Softness of knowing
As your way surface
So gentle and calm

And eat my resistance
Softness of knowing
I, inadequate and confused
Can only do my best

In selfish anguish
Softness of knowing
Trapped in judgment
To remember your way

Allow your fragrance
Softness of knowing
A naked moment
Then reach a hand

In frailty and care
Softness of knowing
Your intangible way
I dare to walk

May your gentle being
Softness of knowing
As a common ground
Suffuse all hearts

About the Author
Rune Lacroix

Rune Lacroix

Rune Lacroix lives in southern Denmark with his son. A psychologist and student of Erik Pema Kunsang and Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche.

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