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The early morning, before the light of day, offers a space where the body rests in a most wonderful way. The mind is still unencumbered of all the objects the daylight illuminates. In that space, we find wonder: no stress, no activity and, sometimes, even thought-free awareness. Here, it is possible to listen to the sweet tone of inner sound: a subtle ringing, like tiny silver bells, not to be confused with the heartbeat or other physicals sounds.

This inner subtle sound is always present and fills our being; it is known as the sound that continues without beginning and end. The Buddhist tantras call it the unborn, uncreated sound, swayambhu nada, which is the self-existing resonance of our basic nature. This sound is just as real as any other sound, perhaps even more so, because all sounds from externals sources require two thing meeting each other, while the inner nada has a source without twoness. If the subtle sound is always present, why don’t we hear it? Because we are too busy paying attention to other things, thoughts and feelings, memories and obligations.

In that spacious morning state of mind, it is also easy to get an answer to a question one has in mind. Form the question and listen to the unborn sound. Who’s on the other end to answer? There is no other end in the listening, open mind. It’s endless and yet an answer can appear. That’s the mystery.

If you live with your beloved, look into the eternal face of each other. Share that open state of mind. Together, enjoy the silence, or, between moments, talk gently about a subject which is meaningful to you both. Let each sentence resonate within you and do not rush to act on any thought, to formulate words. We shape our reality with our behavior and attitude. Have a really nice day!

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Tara Karmeshvari

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