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Holy root lama, please consider me.
Kindly offer me your loving wisdom gaze.

Outwardly arrayed, you perfectly embody every aspect of the Dharma.
You have given up everything frivolous by taking the Buddha’s words entirely to heart.
You continuously dedicate every effort to serve others and fulfill their needs.
You see directly through our misdeeds to their cause.
Holy refuge, you clearly stand out as quiet brilliance.
Please bless me to become Dharma practice.

Stainless Vajra Master,
Your perfect conduct is a celebration of the Vinaya,
Your flawless exposition of the sutras and tantras beautifully glorifies the Dharma throne.
The measureless, clear stillness of your meditation releases everything into open space.
Perfect Dharma heir, diamond holder of all nine yanas,
Please bless me to fully receive your three doors continuously.

It’s so clear that you’re the perfect student:
How many times have I heard you say, “I have to ask Khen Rinpoche”?
With total confidence, you follow him exactly.
With complete honor, you are his wisdom activities.
With unfailing effort, you fulfill his every request.
Supreme Vajrayana disciple, you perfectly embody Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche’s vision.
Please bless me to accomplish Dzogchen through the practice of Guru Yoga.

Not even once have I heard you waste your vajra speech.
Everything you say and do is a pith instruction.
Your English translation fluently conveys the meaning every single time.
Time and time again, your direction cuts through all less fulfilling options.
We only have to follow your lead without hesitation.
Blazing skillful one who knows, please bless me to listen and remember correctly, and to apply everything you mention.

Your actions follow your words.
You always reveal the deeper meaning.
You present what is both appropriate and essential,
And precisely slip through our confusion with wisdom awareness.
Gracious, thorough leader, you always have us in mind.
Please bless me to always rely on you.

The strength of your dedication to the Three Jewels is tremendous.
You are entirely unwilling to go against the lineage.
The purity of your samaya is naturally apparent.
The humble consistency of your approach is stunning.
The flexible honesty of your presentation always surprisingly softens and warms our hearts.
True lineage holder, golden beam streaming directly from the Buddha and Guru Rinpoche,
Please bless me to follow the way with your light.

Precious Lama, you are truly the king of tireless patience,
Immediate, bright, smiling glee,
You are disarming and empowering, careful and transparent,
Amazingly accessible and genuinely humble.
Wholly positive, profound teacher with whom everything is beneficial,
Please bless me to only see others’ goodness qualities.

Your steady power doesn’t rely on any big show.
Your love sweetens us. Your compassion soothes us.
Your wisdom lends itself to our own minds,
Uplifting what we know is good and true and beautiful.
Mighty warrior who freely uses every moment as the greatest weapon,
Please bless all well-intentioned aspirations to freshly blossom without end.

Your crazy wisdom softly presses the exact spot that collapses my house of pointless tricks.
I can tell you know my every thought,
And yet you only always encourage me with constant kindness and support.
Loving father, I cannot even recount all the many times you’ve helped me
With incredibly surprising timing and perfect insight into unknown subtleties.
Please bless me to perfectly care for others.

We are desperately in need of your continued support.
We offer every desirable object perfectly displayed,
That you stay with us, clear noble guide,
So we may follow you from light to light,
And make meaningful this living, treasured opportunity.
Please bless us with your continued presence, teachings, guidance, and care.

Khenpo Rinpoche, again we’ll say and mean
What we’ve felt so closely for so many years:
We love you for your gentleness,
We praise you for your exacting skill,
We are amazed how you truly are the Dharma—how your every movement is the Conquerer’s teaching, how you consistently are the path of peace.
How proud the Lord of Dharma, Khenchen Rinpoche, must be of his sacred son.

We’ve wandered lost for so long now
And yet somehow here we are, receiving liberative teachings at your lotus feet.
How amazing you are to pull us from this burning ocean!
How miraculous that you continue turning us with your skillful means!
Gentle, kind guide, you are always a timely refreshing breeze.
Please bless us to follow this path all the way to its end.

Even slightly reflecting on your sublime qualities
Increases my faith, strengthens my courage, and reveals the size of my mistaken beliefs.
Great khenpo, you and Khenchen Rinpoche have given us such an incredible wealth of Dharma teachings
On how bodhichitta is the answer to all our questions.
I sincerely pray for your long, healthy life, and for the infinite expansion of your and Khenchen Rinpoche’s pure Dharma vision.
Please bless me to entirely mingle my mind with yours.

About the Author
Pema Dragpa

Pema Dragpa

Lama Pema Dragpa has been a resident Dharma teacher at Padma Samye Ling (PSL) since 2004, the main monastery & retreat center of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center founded by the Nyingma Dzogchen masters Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche & Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche. Ordained as a lama by Rinpoches, Dragpa graduated with honors in philosophy & religious studies from NYU in 2002, is a senior editor of over 20 books on Buddhist philosophy & meditation, and is a certified Hospice volunteer. He regularly travels to lead PBC events on traditional & contemporary Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Here's the website of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center.

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    With much gratitude thank you.

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    Blessings, Pema Dragpa ! ~ & deepest thanks for the sharing of these precious words from the Heart.
    Thank you too for giving all of your Self to dharma & to the sublime intention of realizing truth & goodness in this very lifetime.

    Blessings too, to all dharma sisters & brothers who happen upon this posting!

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    Lama Pema Dragpa, thank you! Your heart and words glorify what is truly glorious! Oh, that all may know the blessings of our kind Masters’ purity and wisdom mind, so courageously gentle as to refresh the thirsts beyond our knowing.

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