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In NATURAL MEDICINE by Cary Twomey4 Comments

The rise in a multitude of ways to have a quick fix, a good body, and perfect health is another manifestation of our cultural sickness. Simple direct ways to live, eat and follow the flow of nature have become totally uninteresting to our hyped-up western culture. If it’s not sexy, trendy or going to make you famous, then it’s not of value to us at all. This is the danger of our current way of being in relationship to our lives and a direct affront to the sacredness and true purpose of life itself.

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In NATURAL MEDICINE by Kate Roddick7 Comments

The Tibetan doctor took the sample of her urine and bustled into his courtyard to test it. He returned, without a word, looked at her kindly, and rather deeply, and seemed to scan her body visually. He then took her pulse for some time. What arose was astonishing.