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In PILGRIMAGE by Lee WeingradLeave a Comment

Rolpe Dorje Rinpoche, a Gelugpa Mongolian tulku who spent nearly his whole life in the Qing Court, first with the 2nd Yongzen Emperor, then with the great emperor, Qianlong. He was the Dorje Löppon of Qianlong for Chakrasamvara and Kalachakra.

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In POETRY by Lee Weingrad

Nepal, the fragile beauty of this moment, celebration and mourning dance of what is and what is not, and what is yet to be.

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In LIFE by Heidi Nevin

I sit in the darkness, my son nursing in my lap, my daughter lying beside me under a pile of warm blankets, holding my hand. The room is still as I sing the familiar lullaby lyrics I sing every night. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.