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In TRAINING by Heidi Koppl6 Comments

I have heard my teacher say that in the same way a summer rain will bring forth countless mushrooms in a meadow, the mind-training and meditation practices of Tibet brought forth an uncountable number of masters who awakened to their own potential. These masters attained a degree of fulfillment and insight in their lives that far surpasses anything we can imagine.

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In PILGRIMAGE by Erik Pema Kunsang6 Comments

There is a way to seal inspiration in our minds, to multiply its effect, to deepen the insight we feel and to make sure that its benefit will be manifested in our thoughts, words and actions. The Indian master Padmasambhava sang it so that we, the people in future generations, will be able to put words to our innermost.

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In TANTRIC POETRY by Erik Pema Kunsang16 Comments

A song to raise positive conditions. Among all the beliefs people may have about why some prosper and some don’t, the Indian master Padmasambhava taught that we can create prosperity. It starts in our minds, in our ability to imagine combined with boundless kindness.

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Song of Chokgyur Lingpa

In TANTRIC POETRY by Erik Pema Kunsang

The Buddhist master Chokgyur Lingpa from 19th century Tibet wrote very few personal scriptures. Mostly his writings were revealed to him in a particular style of divine inspiration known as terma treasure. Tantric poetry by the visionary mystic Chokgyur Lingpa. “When in Natural Knowing”, in English translation with music.