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In TRAINING by Sonia Gomes4 Comments

When we say yes, but in fact, we really mean no, when we do things that we really do not want or simply follow what others have done, we are being co-dependent and not patient or generous! A co-dependent attitude may seem positive at first, but actually, it is generating low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

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In POETRY by Wayne Amtzis1 Comment

The stomach suffers immensely, it suffers from lack. The spine bent and hobbled with hurt, the spine that held up the stairs and resisted the shifting walls, the spine carries us forward, stiffened, but not broken. The hands, palms dark and swollen, knuckles split, fretted with blood. –A poem from an earthquake Nepal survivor.

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In MINDFULNESS by Therese George

Take the breath as an example of daily awareness. We breathe all day long without hardly ever noticing. Unless we are being physically active or if our body is under stress we rarely recognize the breath. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing our awareness to the present moment intentionally and without judgment.