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In INSIGHTS by Jacek Dziubiński5 Comments

1. The fastest route to uniqueness: do not strive to be original, don’t be afraid to be dull and uninteresting. You must have the courage to choose your fate despite the whole world, despite the mainstream and intellectual fads.

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This poem about Krishna and Arjuna mainly advocates one taste, not going into opposition, the duality of good and evil. It’s also about fearlessness, hearing ones own heart and intuition, when one sees how things are. A poem by Jacek Dziubiński.

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In a void, free from space and time, a subtle whisper appeared, or actually a rustle. It rustled so for a while, until it felt uneasy.
– It’s so strange, rustling coming out of nothing – it thought. And to justify its presence it created leaves for itself.

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For those who search blindfolded and find nothing, and for those who are given a chance to find an answer without searching. For those who look for a new place because they cannot fulfill their energy, and for those who look for a place where life would be more pleasant. For those who build houses and feel living in them is like living in a waiting-room in a bus stop.

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In INSIGHTS by Jacek Dziubiński

Suddenly his heart filled with an anxiety so terrible he felt as if someone had turned off the power. Everything he had been thinking of up to that point, what he had prized and planned, suddenly lost its meaning.

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In SACRED WORLD by Jacek Dziubiński

There would never be any disruptions to mental stability if extended difficult situations and ways of coping with them were included in the general education curriculum before young people become warped and twisted by general expectations and the search for permanent happiness and safety.