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In ASTROLOGY by Belle HeywoodLeave a Comment

So, my friends, what is it you are putting your feet on Earth for? In what way are we going to use our senses and our practical aptitudes to bring benefit? How are we going to treasure and care for Mother Earth? How will we make whatever garden it is we are growing in our lives flourish, so that others may share in our riches? And what are richness and wealth?

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In GRACEFUL LIVING by TillyLeave a Comment

Isn’t a ROAR designed to impress or intimidate others? I mean, look at a pride of lions? It also seems, rather wrapped up in the me, myself and I, and less of the compassionate service to others. Unless it’s fiercely defending someone. But it leads me to wonder if there is so much intent on finding that ROAR these days that we are forgetting how to purr?

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In MINDFULNESS by Rikke Braren Lauritzen

Walking on the soil of Mother Earth is a way for me to feel a deep connection to myself. Taking this precious moment to really connect to the earth step by step, moment by moment, breath by breath immediately transforms my inner and outer landscape.