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In this modern society, we try very hard to avoid being alone with ourselves, and when we have free time we fill it with texting or social media. We are so scared to face our neurosis. Practice is a training so we are more and more comfortable in our own company. It starts when we sit down on our butts to do practice the first time.

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Uncover your true self, why are you so disheartened? Even this endless time is looking, for your essence! Chains of perceptions, preconceived ideas, that have bounded you as garments. Melt and make them swords. You are unshakable as a mountain. Vast as a sky. Still, why you are in such a state? All this time you clung to ideas, fears, worry. Made them anchor, attached to belief of others. Saw yourself from their eyes, wanting them to like you.

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A thunder has risen inside my mind. My breaths are intermingled with each other, I am frozen, stunned, speechless, shattered. I am victorious, yet lost to myself, standing powerless and vulnerable, I am reflection as well as the mirror, shimmering, sparking and reflecting. What intoxication is that?

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Hey, captivating beauty, you are grand, you are wonder of nature. When clouds get a glimpse of you, they start pouring down, dancing shiningly, lightning gets crazy!

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Mindfulness and meditation is a practice, resting on time-tested three pillars for anything we want to do: patience, persistence and perseverance. It’s about empowerment for ourselves so we no longer will say, I cannot do this because I don’t have it. This in turn will empower our kids. Because we cannot give others something that we do not have. Empowerment ignites empowerment.

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When a woman receives, at that very moment it becomes part of her. Just as the child is received, it’s not foreign or alien. It is part of her being and she nourishes it. It has been absorbed. Nothing is added on. It’s part of the feminine body. Now, she is a creator and slowly the child grows within.