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In SACRED WORLD by Tulku Sherab Dorje1 Comment

When we buy a piece of meat, doesn’t the supply-chain economy react to replace it in the grocery aisle, where it otherwise would not? If hundreds of tantric Buddhists shopped in the same Whole Foods outlet, perhaps that would be the case. But if we relatively few tantrikas are thoughtful and selective, we not only are very unlikely to add to the toll of lives lost to consumption of meat by our twice-monthly small purchase, but likely will be substituting our purchase for that of another person who lacks our motivation and purpose in forming a compassionate and aspirational karmic connection with the being whose flesh has been slaughtered.

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In STORYTELLING by Sascha Alexandra Aurora3 Comments

I am a goddess, I have a female form but my essence is beyond form. I am peaceful but also wrathful because I play with everything. I must go into all places to pour life there. You will find me in the grass, the flowers, the trees, all the green is my shine.

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In INSIGHTS by Jacek Dziubiński

Suddenly his heart filled with an anxiety so terrible he felt as if someone had turned off the power. Everything he had been thinking of up to that point, what he had prized and planned, suddenly lost its meaning.