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In INSIGHTS by Erik Pema Kunsang32 Comments

The word root guru has a sacred meaning, that my teachers define in a very specific way: the person who not only tries, but succeeds in bringing about a complete change in your mind to such an extend that the grip of duality is loosened and that the nature of mind is totally laid bare in its naked state and can be accessed whenever remembered for the rest of your life. Perhaps the meditator only finds out many years later who the primary guru was.

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In TRAINING by Heidi Koppl6 Comments

I have heard my teacher say that in the same way a summer rain will bring forth countless mushrooms in a meadow, the mind-training and meditation practices of Tibet brought forth an uncountable number of masters who awakened to their own potential. These masters attained a degree of fulfillment and insight in their lives that far surpasses anything we can imagine.

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In ACTIVISM by Shakti Das1 Comment

Introducing our new category ACTIVISM, with an essay by Shakti Das, American philosopher and writer. LEVEKUNST art of life highlights important issues to activate us all to do our best to restore peace and harmony in our human civilization. Enjoy this first important article, exploring the very concept of justice.

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In TRAINING by Erik Pema Kunsang4 Comments

Imitate that and your body is now in meditation posture. But you are not the body. You are in a body. It is not the body that meditates; it’s the mind. Meditation takes place in the realm of consciousness: that in you which is aware and thinks, feels and experiences.