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Better to buy a book than to buy weed! Sit, and do your meditation. Go, go, to the cemetery, practice there!’ So I did, for many, many years, night and day. Even though I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder aged twenty-five after many hospital admissions, only my practice kept me well. My faith grew exponentially as a result of this. Even though people mocked me, laughed at me and called me a madman, I continued practicing.

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Passages of an empty hourglass, reflected in a receptacle of water, rippleless still. A crystal visage mollycoddled by dense clouds apparition. A wintry ice-glazed chill. That kills with matricidal harm, woe of hearts as shattered remnants, calm not the anxious calamity of death.

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Living with mania, is bizarre. In a wonderful way it keeps you on your toes aware. You have to ride the waves. Not be vritti’s slave of mental dictatorship, slip and you’re a battered sausage on a Friday night dipped in mushy peas.