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Just as the divine longs to communicate through and as appearance, so land longs to communicate her sacredness through beauty. She seduces us into deeper communion, into a more attentive listening, with her sensuous invitations. Her beauty is so outrageous that it might even confuse our senses. Befuddled by her, one day I decided to buy a camera so I could listen more carefully.

I listened and she hinted that one of greatest tokens I could offer her was to acknowledge the huge debt I have accrued, and just as importantly is to actually start to accept, to see, to believe in, the existence of the beings I am indebted to. And to communicate with them, to meet them, on their own terms; not simply as I would wish to, not as elements of my psyche or as disembodied energies, but as entities as real as myself. Because only when I realise this can I then start to make good my debt. Until I widen my perceptual bandwidth and accept the reality of those I share space with, I will never truly accept my debt to them as real.

And so I made a promise. I promised to clear my debts. Along with daily offerings of clouds of juniper I resolved to share the beauty she shows me with others. An offering to her. An offering to all I share this space with, seen and unseen. An offering to communication. 

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Dan Leak

Dan Leak

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I am a gardener and garden designer based in London. I hope through my work to inspire a deeper communication with the land and with the beings, seen and unseen, that we share it with. I have a blog here. All my photos are freely available for downloading from my Flickr page, or here and I can be contacted on Facebook.

Photos supplied by Dan Leak.

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  1. Rune Lacroix

    Those bursting flowers. Wauw!!

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