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Widening our circle of awareness
We stretch out-
Expanding so far
We come to embrace everything.
Like a clear sky
Which holds nothing:
Not clouds or birds
Who leave no traces,
Remembered only as
Phantoms of light and sound,
And rainbow-like bursts of
Shimmering color.

Look at mind looking:
Easy, without straining
Holding nothing
Grasping nothing
Allow the natural radiance
To shine.
Rest there.
The whole universe
Is present.

Welded to the near-frenzied appearance
Of mountainous obstacles
Is the ruin of attention.
Monkey-minded blips,
Cherry blossom permanent.
None so pretty-
None so deadly.

Tongue pressed tightly to
Palette, innumerable regions of
Attention, bared equally
Between longing and the interminable
Suggestions for pop songs
And Snapchatted insights.
The mind moves.

Within the expanse
Breathes the same thing
As did before,
Neither holding,
Nor retaining,
Cycling between rhythm,
Regular as
The breath
Is constant.

About the Author
José M. Tirado

José M. Tirado

José M. Tirado (’ö-Zér Jamgön Dorje) is a Puertorican poet, Buddhist priest, and political writer living in Hafnarfjorður, Iceland, known for its elves, “hidden people” and lava fields. His articles and poetry have been featured in CounterPunch, Cyrano´s Journal, The Galway Review, Dissident Voice, La Respuesta, Op-Ed News, among others. He practiced and studied over 20 years in Zen, much of that with Joshu Sasaki Roshi, Vajrayana with Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche, and in 2003 he was ordained a Jodo Shinshu priest in Japan. Currently he is an apprentice within the Aro gTér lineage. He has a BA in Religious Studies, an MA in Buddhist Studies, and an MA in psychology, later doing doctoral work in psychology focusing on the psychophysiology of meditation. A long-time member of the Engaged Buddhism movement, he has worked as a Chaplain in Colorado, Wisconsin, and San Francisco, a union president at Warner Bros. Pictures, as president of the Latino Writers Group (for screenwriters in Hollywood), and now teaches meditation at the University of Iceland where he is head of the Buddhist Meditation Society of Iceland. He is currently working on a Ed. D in education. He blogs at A Deliberate Life: Musings on What´s Important ( and can be reached at

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