In INSIGHTS by Jacek Dziubiński

Suddenly his heart filled with an anxiety so terrible he felt as if someone had turned off the power. Everything he had been thinking of up to that point, what he had prized and planned, suddenly lost its meaning.

He felt he would turn into stone or dissolve into atoms, or turn into an uncontrollable stream of energy, subject to inexplicable fluctuations.
A fear gripped him that he was about to find himself at a point beyond choice, a point of no return.

He feels he’s about to cease to be, get ripped to shreds, black out or lose control of his emotions, of himself, but no such thing happens. The existence goes on, the consciousness is always there. He’s afraid of his own fear, the figments of his imagination.

He’s afraid to move closer, to get close. This experience scares him, and his fear takes many different shapes, that of substantial beings, demons, pathological states of mind.

Whatever the progress of decay, the core of reality remains permanent and indestructible. It is always there, its brightness doesn’t fade.

Go toward it and step into it joyfully, trustingly. The ocean of life, the infinite point of consciousness, it never ends, never vanishes, never dies out, it doesn’t even waver.

About the Author
Jacek Dziubiński

Jacek Dziubiński

Jacek Dziubiński is educated in philosophy, a writer, poet, translator, painter and book designer. He loves the mountains, the sea and solitude. Jacek's website. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Sky picture by Jacek Dziubiński
Photo by Morquefile

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