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If you don’t know what you to do, don’t do anything.
– Bernice del Toro quoting Christopher Walken

Hello, my name is Donald Trump and I am glad to be able to talk to you all today. Most of the people here will be willfully against a lot of the statements that I have been making in my recent presidential campaign. I won’t try to convince you of the wisdom of my policies here. I don’t really agree with most of them myself, but I need or want to get elected and these are the things that I needed to do to outflank the people in the party. It isn’t pretty, but hey, life isn’t always pretty. But for those of you are interested, I would like to share some of the tactics and ideas that drive a way of life that is very different from what most people experience.

Never complain and never explain.
– Michael Caine

I have been successful in various fields from real estate to TV and politics over the last thirty years for a few simple reasons. (See my new movie.)

One. I am not afraid and my personal self worth is not based on what other people think of me. Because of this, I can do and say things that are necessary for individual circumstances on a variety of occasions and be whatever the occasion requires. By not having a fragile sense of self worth that gets deflated as soon as someone gets upset at me, I am able to persevere and survive where a weaker person could not.
Many of you will be upset because this seems narcissistic or egoistic or strange, but honestly, you can’t live your lives the way you want to because you are too damn scared to do what you want. Everyone around you runs all over you. And you let them. Many times it isn’t even good for them.
Those positivity jerks who say that you can imagine something you can make it true. Well, they are right. I am the embodiment of it. With strength and perseverance, anything is possible. Which leads to:

Two. This life is a dream. Do you want to live in a castle, date a model, go around the world, become enlightened? Well I am going to tell you that you act like this world is real and that all these rules can’t be broken.
Well, that shit ain’t going to get it done. I think the religion that you folks belong to says no concepts.
Well to me it looks like a bunch of pansies who are scared of their shadow and a lot of concepts, rules and people that don’t have any real existence. (sure I got that wrong.)
And you are going to make it to enlightenment without breaking any rules or making dreams come true. Hmm.

The more complex the more do less.
– Matthew McConaughey

Three. Jujiistu. It is probably misspelled, but it is the only thing that works in every situation. Be loose, react, and respond accordingly. Never punch, always counterpunch.
I have done this time and time again. Even when up against bigger opponents, smarter opponents, I win because why? Because everybody hates getting punched, everybody is scared, and their identities are fragile and they go running at the first sign of trouble. With persistence and reaction, any opponent can be overcome.
Sorry I was getting a martini. Well, you folks have to get back to your silence and stuff so I will let you go.
Good luck on all that. I will be out here changing the world. Whenever you figure it out, give me a call, I will have a job for you. Trump Out.

“The idiot, the child, and unschooled farmer’s boy, stand nearer to the light by which nature is to be read, than the dissector or the antiquary.” – by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Afterword: Donald Trump may be a fool, but he is also a genius at dealing with the world as a dream and manipulating it accordingly. He certainly is willing to play a very underhanded game of politics and say anything in order to prove a point. But you don’t have to speak important things in order to say important things. Hopefully, we don’t lose the lessons both for ourselves and against a more skilled and less principled practitioner in the future.
The above is a fictional instructional speech inspired by real speeches. The above quotes are taken from interviews of the persons mentioned on Inside the Actor’s Studio. 

“All beings arise in time, Time continually consumes them all, Time is the Lord who possesses the vajra, Whose nature is that of day and night.”
– Vimalaprabhā.

Here’s a couple of songs for you yogimen:

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John Edwards

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    I have heard people saying they admire Adolf Hitler because he got things done and changed the world. His convictions and ability to drive his own agenda led to the death of tens of millions of people. Those that have no doubt can be the most dangerous.

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