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The effect of listening to Falsa is to be transported both inwards and across centuries of joys, sorrows and longings. This music is inspired by the 14th century Sufi tradition, described as a cure for alienation. The music is not about means to an end but about meaning and transcendence. It is a language around love and ecstasy as being fundamental to the human experience, and an abiding recognition of the astonishing complexity of being human. It is a tenderness around the most important, deeply felt emotional and psychological needs, and a cultural mechanism whereby satisfying these does not have to be a struggle.

{Photo by Nataly Nguyen}

Enjoy Umer Piracha on vocals, accompanied by Siddharth Ashokkumar on Carnatic violin, Tom Deis and Paul Arendt on guitars and harmonium, Adam Hershberger on trumpet and Greg Foran on percussion.

Five Minutes of Falsa (Video) Live at Franky Bradleys Philly PA 08/08/17

Please see the NPR NEWSWORKS interview , with a 6 min audio segment at the top produced by Elana Gordon, where vocalist Umer Piracha discusses the origins of Falsa and where the band gets it’s name. 

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Umer Piracha

Umer Piracha

Umer grew up in Multan, Pakistan, a city known for it's 14th century Sufi saints and their shrines. At 18, Piracha moved to the US and began his studies at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster PA, where he enjoyed playing guitar and gravitated toward singing covers of bands like Radiohead. But at the same time, he developed a longing for home. He recalls connecting with other friends from Pakistan who shared this experience. They'd eat Pakistani food together and spend a lot of time listening to traditionally Sufi music, specifically that of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, one of Pakistan's most renowned singers. Now Umer primarily performs for his 14th Century Sufi Chamber Fusion Ensemble Falsa. // Facebook-IG-Twitter: @falsamusic

Photos provided by the band.

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