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Consequently it is important to clear up the disturbance and apology to minimize destructive emotions.

In our precious life we experience different kinds of crises. Some are ripples on the surface while others makes deep scars in our mind. There are kinds of illness we know as life threatening, such as cancer and heart attracts. They might activate the fear of death and remind us that everything changes and that life is impermanent. Although we can acknowledge that all which exists are in an eternal process of change, we can still get overwhelmed by the fear of losing life and the need to say goodbye to people we love and those who have been an important part in our life by making it precious.

We can take advantage of our daily meditation practice in such circumstances. Our practice can establish a loving anchor within our hearts, from where we can center ourselves and welcome whatever happens. With some kinds of illness we need medical treatment and some people will use the established health care system, while others will follow alternative pathways. Whatever one decides to choose it is important not to jump to hasty decisions but to consult your own higher consciousness and meditate on which treatment one should rely on.

To encounter a life-threatening illness is very confronting, partly because of all the examinations in the healthcare system one has to participate in, and then the fear of the result, and last the fear of the treatment. Old psychic material from the past may come to consciousness, e.g. the memories of when one has disappointed a friend, that is an unpleasant memory in the mind. Consequently it is important to clear up the disturbance and apology to minimize destructive emotions.

While we still are alive we should try to stay in balance and avoid to waste energy and getting trapped in emotions. We should train ourselves in being awake, aware, loving and compassionate towards ourselves and towards all living beings.

Written by Inge Rasch with a little help from Vagn Palle and our daughter Krista. 

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Inge and her husband Vagn Palle are both psychologists. Living in Ringkøbing Denmark, they have been deeply involved in psychic development during three decades. Inge's website.

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