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It was a hot day coinciding with passion
Walking with an eager step
like feet that have wings

Walking flying
Walking anticipating
Walking to the moment

soon. to meet the guide.

Who appeared like an oasis
a horizon unfolding
lush and cool.

Whose fine mist spun rainbows
beneath the heart.

Like invisible hands
spinning afternoon gold.

Like a sun-dance
spontaneously performed
within the theatre of space.

Like illusory sculptures
formed wet
by fingers moist
with life and breath.

wherever the eyes cared to rest.

This, a holy haven
blossoms and colors
offered their scents.

This, the only haven.
Recognition, like a mirror,
so wild, so charged, so free.

About the Author
Fiona Rose

Fiona Rose

Fiona Rose, born in South Africa, is married and has two beautiful girls. She now lives in Amsterdam. In her words: Drawing inspiration from the countless courageous, the selfless of our world, I work and practice in art and yoga with a sense of gratitude for the rich lessons that life offers. Her website is Yoga without Borders. Other LEVEKUNST articles by the same author.

Photo by Bonnyb Bendix

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